Multilingual SEO & CMS

Being a company in The Netherlands, almost every project in the last decade needed to have multi lingual content.
Based on this fact all our new customers will benefit from our experience solving multilingual, multinational and multi-currency websites.

Besides having the options to administer your content in several languages, we have on the shelve solutions for the following procedures to determine what stock, language and prices will be displayed on your web-site:

  • Automatic. language detection based on visitor's browser & OS settings,
  • Automatic location (country & city) selection based on visitor's IP address.
    a GEO database of IP blocks can proximate the location of each visitor.(see for a proof-of-concept page our IP2Country page)
  • Automatic  selection of country and l;anguage.based on the incoming Top Level domain-name (.nl, .es, .co-uk. etc.)
    Multinationals have usually for each country a domain name available, which can help deciding whioch content should be displayed by default.
  • Manually selection of  language & location
    (ie. flags or drop down menu)
  • Just in time translation based on CMS translation module for buttons, web page meta info etc.
    At anytime you can directly change even the smallest text displayed on your website.
  • Google sitemap support for all used languages.
    Very important that all languages are also indexed by mahor search engines.

Depending on your specific needs , businessmodel and audience some of the above prcedures can be installed on your website.

To have a simple idea of the SEO techniques, please havbe a look around on this webiste, for example the NEWS section, and watch the address bar of your browser. It might also a good idea to search on Google on for example the header of a news item: for most of the items which are older than two weeks, you will see a perfect ranking.

 example on Dutch:

Google nl search for "Producent kantoormeubilair"